Posing Sheep – Emley Moor, West Yorkshire ’16



Untitled 14 #1



A Negative Survey – A Photographic Project #1

This is an initial image for a small series of photographs recording and detailing dead bird life? on our roads.
My objective with my photographs is to try to bring to the fore and recognise the fragility and strange beauty in the death of these creatures.

To do that I will use the ‘negative’ effect, a kind of reversal in a way which in fact can reflect on the ‘inside out’ nature of what we sometimes see in roadkill. Also, it will represent a kind of photographic fossilisation…
My aim is solely to photograph dead birds because they, I think can offer up a more delicate interpretation.
As usual it will still be a slightly morbid challenge in finding the right subject matter that can fulfill this project…but I hope to do it justice.