Alfama – Lisbon, Portugal ’17

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Untitled ’11


I see a great deal of urban graffiti in and around the east end of London and it changes from day to day. Some of it is quite unique, ranging from the smaller pieces of mixed media images/ motifs and texts, bills and they’re images, to the larger paper-backed brick walls that are adorned with larger images.

It’s the smaller pieces of layered, fractured and degraded mixed media type graffiti and such that interest me mostly. I like to look harder at what is on offer by way of the shapes, colours and imagery and compose these elements in such a way as to obtain an abstract image. The weather has it’s part to play on these surfaces too.

For me, the pursuit of photographing this subject is perfectly valid and relative to all other subjects in photography. It’s still a rare thing in obtaining a pleasing image to the eye.

So long live the act of graffitying…

Confined Spaces

I took this today (21/08/09), in the east end of London.

I have passed this storefront many many times on my rounds in London. I have always been interested by the merchandise inside, and the ever present graffiti that is constantly changin’ and bein’ added to on that wall, on the opposite side of the street.

The graffiti gave me a nice context and narrative to the shot.

This photograph brought to my mind one of George Bernard Shaw’s quotes: “Home life is no more natural to us than a cage is natural to a bird”.

On The Rooftop


I shot this image in London’s east end, another piece of street art. This is why I love London so much, the streets are always throwin’ up somethin’ new to look at, they change from day to day.

This piece of sculpture is quite high up overlookin’ the street, all I had to rely on was the 72mm end of my trusty Ricoh GX200, but I found out that that was all I needed. I really like the space the 72mm gave the shot.

The standard 3:2 format would never have worked, so again its another 1:1 shot.



Its gettin’ hard for me to rationalise the things I see on the street!

This is a scene I found off the mainstreet, in a quiet backstreet.

There are obscure relationships between man-made elements jus’ waitin’ to be found, photographed and documented. The thing is, it puzzles me as to who started these relationships and why they happen to happen, unwittin’  or otherwise.

Of course, i’m talkin’ about the scribbled pattern, and the neat pile of trellis or latticed wood in the scene. It jus’ amazes me why the pile of wood jus’ happens to be piled there!

Is it by coincidence that these things occur, or by someone’s own intention?! All I can say is, if its by coincidence, then there are a lot of weird coincidences occurrin’ on the street, and I love it.