British Museum, London ’15


RICOH GR w/ GW3 21mm


British Museum, London ’13

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RICOH GR – GW-3 21mm Wide Conversion Lens

There’s not much said online about RICOH’s 21mm wide conversion lens and it’s performance (other than some snobbery and ignorance), but I thought I would give it a go and see what kind of resolving power it has.
Having said that I haven’t had much time to put it to good use yet due to my workload and the weather outside but I am itching to do so because from what I can see so far it is a quality piece of glass…

It’s a heavy unit and outweighs the camera itself but if you happen to have the GC-6 half-case fitted (a’ la moi) then it more than makes up for the weight because of the handier grip.

The rubber lens hood that comes with the lens is a lot of messing about in securing it’s fit every-time you use this lens, because when not in use you will need to take the hood off so that the dedicated lens cap can be fitted in order to protect the lens in storage. Both hood and cap do not work together and conflict with each other…Beware that the rubber hood is prone to deform if not taken care of.
There is a thread on the outside of the lens which will accept the dedicated lens cap but it certainly won’t take a filter, the bulbous lens glass puts paid to that.
I had an idea of fitting a 62-67mm step-up ring to accommodate a filter and give better protection but I’m still checking this idea out and waiting for these items in the post. Anyway, if a step-up ring and filter can be fitted then that would offer a better option for a different lens hood to be used, if need be…

Right, I’m really so very pleased that I bought this lens because it performs really well. Up to F4 the lens corners are acceptable to good with better sharpness in the centre, at F5.6 and higher the whole frame is sharp, corner to corner and edge to edge. There is a little CA that shows up in using this lens but it’s not bad and can be corrected quite easily.

In fitting this lens you will need to select the ‘wide’ option before use. In using this lens the focusing performance is still quick and accurate, even in Macro mode. Also, ‘snap focus’ can still be used too.
Anyway, this little unit really turns this camera into a WA specialist now, 21mm, 28mm and of course the 35mm crop…