Peggy’s Cove – Halifax NS, Canada ’17

peggy'scovelighthousereflected (1 of 1)couplpeoplecolourcurve1280

Pentax K3II w/ 16-85mm HD DA


Point Prim Lighthouse – Prince Edward Island, Canada ’14


RICOH GR w/ GW3 21mm

Whitby Bay & Pier, East Yorkshire ’13

whitbypier (1 of 1)cl600


This is the last of the 2013 vintage…here’s to 2014. Happy New Year…

Crab Burrows – Krabi, Thailand ’13

crabburrowscolour (1 of 1)500

I had been walking the beach in Ao Nang, Thailand; late in the evening when I saw these weird and beautiful creations. These are crab burrows made by real tiny little crabs. They are amazing creations when you consider that these balls of sand patterns are unwittingly made by them in they’re excavation…
When you walk near them the tiny things will run to they’re burrows and disappear, they’re as fast as lightning…