Broadgate Venus – Broadgate, London ’10 #19

London’s Statues & Monuments – Project #19


Sir Henry Havelock & Lord Nelson – Trafalgar Square, London ’10 #18

London’s Statues & Monuments – Project #18

Dartmouth NS, Canada ’10 #1

A Surveyed Presence – Project #1

I spotted this scene from the roadside while travelling in Dartmouth NS, Canada. I was quite awestruck by it’s almost life-like size and the locale  of the cross, which stood at the very end of a small cemetery, off the road. It had some presence too.

Coincidentally, I had actually been thinking about a future photographic project where I would photograph the cross, (mainly the Christian one) in all it’s forms, sizes and contexts – and so this scene fit that bill perfectly.

Anyway, with that in mind, I thought maybe this shot would make a great initial image for the project.

TV Camera & Statue – Victoria Memorial, London ’10 #16

London’s Statues & Monuments – Project #16

This TV camera had been left here unmanned, on the Victoria Memorial. I think it was used for the filming of the out-going Prime Minister’s journey down The Mall to meet the queen and to hand in his resignation. Something like that, anyway.